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Give your children the
opportunity for a better future!

Give your children the
opportunity for a better future!


We form happy and successful people committed to society.


Be a leading institution in international educational quality, sensitive to global needs.


Cardinal School recognizes the family as the main source for the formation of character and will in the pupil. Hence, through our educational experiences we provide as well an essential complement in this process by motivating the positive and healthy development of the character through different actions such as living the values, understanding rules, disciplinary sanctions, education of the faith and as part of the academic program, the program of values.

When in Cardinal School, we talk about living the values, we refer to a model of behavior that is followed by the whole educational community. For instance, values are much more than a class that can be studied with the help of a textbook. We are committed to preaching by example, that is, to live values as one of the best ways to educate. You cannot teach others, what one is not able to do.

The discipline demanded in Cardinal School is the one that every responsible citizen must maintain before the society, since in the school “it is educated for the life”, that is why the disciplinary fouls are reported before the authority that sanctions them. There is a system of “Warnings” and “Disciplinary Reports”, which are applied as a result of attitudes and actions not appropriate or expected of the students, this is in order to contribute to the formation of a healthy and learning environment both: disciplinary and social. Of all the above, the parent is previously informed through a regulation and at the time of the events through copies of these reports.

Teachers and all staff are examples to cultivate values such as: responsibility, respect, honesty, discipline and effort through their actions.

The selection of all the staff and their permanence depends definitively on how much their performance, as their behavior, comply with the ethical, moral and professional standards established by the school.

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It all began on February 2, 2005, where the construction work was officially started at the ceremony of the First Stone, presided over by the Municipal President of Allende, Nuevo Leon, Lic. Sergio Alejandro Alanis Marroquin and the presidents of the board of directors of Cardinal School accompanied by state authorities and distinguished members of the society and the business sector in the municipality.

On August 22, 2005, Cardinal School began the school year 2005-2006 with a total of 127 students having obtained the incorporation for the two levels: preschool and primary. At the preschool level: pre-maternal, maternal, preschool and pre-primary grades were initiated, and at the primary: first, second and third levels.

In the 2009-2010 school year, the secondary level is incorporated to the Ministry of Education. For which, a new building is built, extending the existing facilities, opening new classrooms for the teaching of classes, science labs and sports areas.

Cardinal is founded with the ideal of providing the community of Allende, Nuevo Leon and the surrounding municipalities, a high quality educational service, with catholic inspiration and absolute respect for the diversity of dogmas, where the English language prevails in teaching and strengthening the national identity and human values, backed by highly trained personnel, ideal infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology.

The board of directors, which is the maximum body that originates, supervises and directs Cardinal School has more than fifty years dedicated to education and management of educational institutions, is composed of members of the education and business sector of Nuevo Leon and the United States.

It is the set of all these aspects that make of Cardinal a unique experience, where it is sought that the students find the ideal conditions to promote the adequate and sustained personal and academic development. Where the synergy generated by the sum of efforts of all the members of the educational community, as they are students, teachers and parents, must ensure that this happens and thus, to be able to generate men and women of benefit for our Mexico and for the world.

Our Achievements

years of experience.
Educational vision that leads.
Integral formative programs.
Happy and successful students with a purpose in life.
EXCAS impulsed through their maximum potential.



 Cardinal School

At Cardinal School we carry out the Model of the United Nations, which is organized by ninth grade students. This simulation develops diverse abilities in the students such as: learning to delegate in the debate, doing research and improving their oratory skills while the students assume the role of a representative of the UN of each assigned country.

Olympic Games

 Cardinal School

Every year, we start the Olympic Games by igniting the Olympic Fire. This event inaugurates several multidisciplinary competences in which our students participate courageously. The Olympic Games encourage our students to experience healthy competition, physical coordination, and above all have fun.

Science Fair

 Cardinal School

Each year for a week, our students present a science project. This presentation is entirely in English and is the culmination of previous preparation that requires the students to do research, experiment and learn. At this fair, judges who qualify the work of students as well as parents are invited to witness the development of their children.

Symposium Value of Being a Leader

 Cardinal School

The symposium “Value of Being a Leader”invites our students to reflect through activities such as conferences, workshops and talks. This gathering allows them to improve their ethical education based on values.