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 Cardinal School

At Cardinal School we carry out the Model of the United Nations, which is organized by ninth grade students. This simulation develops diverse abilities in the students such as: learning to delegate in the debate, doing research and improving their oratory skills while the students assume the role of a representative of the UN of each assigned country.

Olympic Games

 Cardinal School

Every year, we start the Olympic Games by igniting the Olympic Fire. This event inaugurates several multidisciplinary competences in which our students participate courageously. The Olympic Games encourage our students to experience healthy competition, physical coordination, and above all have fun.

Science Fair

 Cardinal School

Each year for a week, our students present a science project. This presentation is entirely in English and is the culmination of previous preparation that requires the students to do research, experiment and learn. At this fair, judges who qualify the work of students as well as parents are invited to witness the development of their children.

Symposium Value of Being a Leader

 Cardinal School

The symposium “Value of Being a Leader”invites our students to reflect through activities such as conferences, workshops and talks. This gathering allows them to improve their ethical education based on values.